Silver Economy Simulation RPG

Silver must flow

A role playing game featuring market economy where players can earn money trading SILVER

Silver Economy Role Playing Game [SES]

Silver Economy is a role playing and points based way of trading time, energy and effort to build communities and boost economic growth and new player retention rates inside Second Life. SILVER is a game material that can only be traded for Linden dollars.

How it works

The total amount of SILVER issued in 2020 to all players will be only 50,000 units. The total amount in next year 2021 will be decided by TOP 10 players who will own the most silver. Every month 4166 SILVER is shared to players who spent their time, energy and effort to earn SP (Silver Points).

SILVER fluctuates in value

Players can trade their SILVER at Silver Exchange for linden dollars. Aproximately 1000 SILVER is shared weekly to everyone who earned weekly silver points, or SPs as they are called. The points are earned through performing a growing list of different silver jobs & tasks.

Our Project Goal

Every unit of SILVER earned through the Silver Points represents someones energy, time & effort for some work or service performed within our growing Silver Economy role playing community, and within other participating communities within Second Life. Our goal is to help communities within Second Life reach their full growth potential.

SILVER Jobs & Departments

Our aim is to create silver role playing game departments and jobs that will help grow in world economy in Second Life. We belive that as our rp game grows we will be able to offer a few answers to some of the following questions:

How do I earn money - Linden Dollars (L$) in Second Life?
How can I contribute?
Is there a place for me inside this RPg?
Can I utilize the skills I have in RL to benefit the SL community?

Rewarding the Builders and creators!

A chunk of montly distribution of the SILVER will be allocated to reward people for forming, building & managing different RP Departments.Running any kind of organization takes time, energy. We have seen so many great creations and services within Second Life disappear because of lack of funds and people to manage them. We believe that everyone who offers somekind of public service within our virtual world deserves to be rewarded by the community as a whole and we sincerely hope Silver Economy can help accomplish this.

Total SILVER is limited

By the end of 2020 only total of 50,000 units of SILVER will be issued.

Top 10 of biggest SILVER holders will always have a control and a voting power to decide about total silver issuance policy.
As the biggest traders and supporters of Silver Economy Role playing Game, TOP 10 holders of SILVER will have the right to VOTE about how much SILVER will be issued in the year 2021. Top SILVER holders have best interest for SILVER to retain value and have a steady and stable growth against Linden Dollars (L$) while at the same time enabling the silver rp employees to always be able to exchange their SILVER for L$.

Contact us on Discord: #silver-economy-simulation