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Silver Economy RPG like a social experiment

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SES RPG as a FREE service for Landowners & SL content creators

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Silver Economy RPG - How to trade Silver

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Expect SILVER drop - Saturday or Sunday

TO BOOTSTRAP SILVER ECONOMY, TRADE/EXCHANGE & BOOST VALUE CREATION we are soon going to DROP 10 units of SILVER to Every Silver Wallet Owner.

Because we belive only when a lot of people have the SILVER they will start trading with each other and create new services and products or do favours for each other for SILVER. Lots of value will be created and with that many services and products that otherwise without a supoirt of a growing healthy economy would not be created.

Players can now use SILVER Vendor Script (priced at 4 SILVER) to sell objects to each other in SILVER.

Your chance to get your FREE SILVER!
GET the Silver Wallet :)

With 110 players joined already and many more coming.. SILVER is in high demand and now often even runs out on exchange!

The price range of SILVER trades executed by players is 30 - 100 L$

[SES] Script: Silver Vendor [ESE] - Objects v1.0 available

Script. "Silver Vendor [ESE] - Objects v1.0" is now available at:
School Of Magic Scripting Craft

It lets you sell products in SILVER to others

Now you can buy it for 4 SILVER - (later the price will be higher)

It comes with a Settings scripts where you can very easy (child like easy) set the product name and price of your product.

ATM [SES] - L$ deposits & 0 TAX/commission on SILVER Exchange

There is no sales commission on SILVER Exchange! New in Silver Economy Game Simulation [SES]! Now you can deposit L$ into your Silver Wallet [SES] v1.0! Through ATM ( -> mountain of money ) Deposits are currently limited to 50 L$ for testing. L$ in your Silver wallet is used for Buying Orders (way to buy silver cheaper than the market price)

Quick Steps for using Silver Exchange

Silver exchange part of Silver Economy Simulation Game has now opened in BETA for testing and use

To Buy SILVER just right click & pay L$ into exchange

When you click it you get a menu with selection:
*Sell - Quick sell at Bid Price
*Sell Order - Set price you wan to sell at
*Buy Order - Set price you want to buy at

Exchange supports both buy orders-bidding and sell orders. Sales commission on L$ earned: 10%

Magic Scripting School now rewards SILVER for leveling up!

We have some great news!

SILVER Exchange is now ready to be used and tested!

Now every time you reach a new level you are rewarded silver that you can participate on exchange for L$ with it! \??o/

Every wizard now also has a L$ wallet!

Come to School Of Magic Scripting Craft

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DISCORD room at: #silver-economy-simulation